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. >> reporter: okay, we won't, then. opponents of the regime face great risk in speaking to us but they're getting increasingly desperate. do you think people will continue to-- >> yes. >> reporter: people continue to protest? >> yes. >> reporter: the qaddafi family says it's all outsiders, it's al qaeda, it's people on drugs. what do you say to that? >> you believe this? >> reporter: i'm just telling you what they say. >> you believe? >> reporter: what do you say? >> it's a big lie. it's very big. >> reporter: the battle for zawiyah isn't over. doctors in the town say the death toll has already reached about 60, about half of those civilian from indiscriminate shelling. the government unit in the town is the infamous hamise brigade, named for and led by one of muammar qaddafi's sons, and is about the most feared unit in the libyan army. the rebels say they're bracing for another attack. ruse. >> mitchell: mark, we've seen some libyan army units go over to the rebels. is there any thought that could happen around tripoli as well? >> reporter: well, that is exactly the key. in the east c
no action on the nation's gridirons this fall. and quake questions-- this town prepared in the u.s. for an earthquake as strong as the one that hit japan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. it is already sunday morning in japan, and another major aftershock has just hit the country which is still digging out after friday's disastrous 8.9-magnitude earthquake. here's the latest-- an explosion at a nuclear power plant forced 170,000 people to evacuate while an emergency was declared tonight at a second reactor in the same complex. roads and buildings throughout the area have been devastated, and hundreds of thousands are stranded without food or water. we have correspondents all along the earthquake zone tonight and we begin with ben tracy in tokyo. >> reporter: with more cameras on the ground, we are now getting our closest look yet at the extent of the damage. it is simply overwhelming. in hard-hit sendai, a city of one million people, police say they found as many as 300 bodies washed up on the beach as the
bars tonight. >>> hello, i'm bruce johnsonton thanks for joining us. police say dna has confirmed they have the right man. an anonymous tip to local police led to the arrest of aaron h. tomans connecticut putting an end to his alleged 12-year multistate crime spree. did delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: aaron tom sis an unemployed truck driver who lives in connecticut with his girlfriend and their 5-year-old child. he is linked to seven rapes up and down the east coast from rhode island to his last known attack in prince williams county. >> what school is this? >> dale city university. >> it backs right up into the yard. >> reporter: the man once lived just a stone's throw from an elementary school. >> i'm just destroyed. i'm nervous, haven't slept all night. >> reporter: 39-year-old aaron thomas lived in this home in woodbridge in the early 2000s. >> we had no idea. >> so mail comes here? >> mail comes here, and i always put it back in the box, return to sender. >> reporter: according to records, thomas lived in this home from 2000 to 2005 but clearly had connections to the
possession in a 2-3 zone defense. they used it last night. look at the middle, -- gus: suggses with a good look and hits. bob: they have three or four guys who can make threes on this team. only team in the country where four players had 40 threes or more in the season. gus: washington a 37% three-point shooting team. inside to perry. bob: watch number five here, he controls the paint. bob: as a team if you shoot over 35% from three, that is great. the great players shoot over 40. gus: washington playing a little 2-3 zone. how do you beat it? bob: inside-outside. they like the three though. gus: n'diaye, breaking at the ball. suggs hit his last shot. bob: both teams have green light from three. so far washington taking advantage of it much more than arizona. love this match-up right here between the two guards. talk about guys working, huh. gus: suggs curling down the lane. n'diaye wants it. way off the mark, and the rebound goes to jesse perry. bob: mr. n'diaye from senegal. watch parrom on the weak side. gus: this will go against scott suggs, the junior. bob: there is parrom, number thre
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4